The history of didsbury and our gin The Spirit of Life with leaf illustration.

A bottle of Didsbury Gin Original, a cocktail and botanicals.

The Creation of

Didsbury Gin

Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of their beloved Didsbury, founders and gin connoisseurs Liam Manton and Mark Smallwood embarked on an adventure. They wanted to create a range of gins that celebrated this heritage whilst pushing the category forward with modern, innovative and Bright, Vibrant and Zesty handcrafted flavour infusions.

Liam and Mark are life-long gin lovers, their friendship forged over countless nights drinking Gin & Tonics in a number of Didsbury establishments.

Mark’s passion for gin meant it was his go to spirit when creating cocktail menus across a variety of Manchester food and drink establishments where he built his career. Following the production of a small batch of gin in Liam’s front room in Didsbury, a brand was born.

Didsbury Gin founders and bottle of Didsbury Gin Original.

The Gin!

Didsbury Gin is a range of lovingly hand-distilled, 100% natural fruit infused, vegan friendly, Bright, Vibrant and Zesty gins. Crafted using the finest of botanicals, ethically farmed pressed British fruit, perfect in a gin and tonic and versatile enough for all the classics or cocktail innovations.

3 bottles of Didsbury Gin with a branch and lemon illustration.

We use ethically sourced, quality natural ingredients to colour and flavour all of our gins because we maintain a commitment to quality, and it’s this same commitment to quality and pride in our creations that is the reason why we use our Original liquid as a base for any flavour combination we release.

Our unique blend of botanicals rectified in environmentally friendly copper pot stills gives rise to an exceptional citrus take on a London Dry, making our gin perfect for neat sipping, a classic G&T, or in any of your favourite cocktails.

And with our constant focus on innovation we strive to create perfection in a glass – however you like it.

We’ve come a long way from a home still in our co-founder’s Didsbury living room, but the hearts of our batch will always remain the same. That’s…

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