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Say Goodbye to Summer with Gin-fused Pimm’s!

We all know it; Summer is the time to enjoy Pimm’s. But now that the warmer months are coming to a close, let’s send it out with a bang and enjoy the perfect gin-fused Pimm’s punch.

Truthfully, this punch is good enough to drink no matter the season. One thing we can guarantee is that it tastes like Summer in a glass which is exactly what we’ll need as it starts to get colder.

This recipe is perfect for dinner parties and late summer barbeques, as you can make a large amount in one go with no hassle. Read on to learn how we make it and give it a try!

Gin-fused Pimm’s Punch (Serves 4)


100ml Didsbury Gin Blood Orange & Ginger

100ml Pimm’s

75ml freshly squeezed lime juice

15ml grenadine

10ml sugar syrup

Soda or Lemonade to top up

Fresh fruit to garnish


Fill a jug with ice.

Add in your Didsbury Gin, Pimm’s, lime juice, grenadine and sugar syrup.

Top up with soda water or lemonade (either works, choose your favourite).

Garnish with fresh fruit (we like to use oranges, limes, cucumber and strawberries)

Give it a good stir and serve!